Michael Phelps not actually a poker god, $100k win proved fake

Recently, The Daily Mail, bastion of sound-minded journalism and not at all prone to flights of fancy or extreme bias (*cough*), has sourced an article from a post on celebrity gossip blog TMZ that claims Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps recently won $100,000 playing poker.

Unfortunately for them, it turns out that despite Phelps’ major love of poker, he didn’t actually win $100k. Tweeting from his own personal, verified account, he stated: “I wish I won a 100k…. Ha not true tho:(“.

It would appear that the information is false, but it doesn’t mean that Phelps isn’t into playing cards. The supernaturally talented swimmer competes in games both public and private, and definitely has the cash to get stuck into the big leagues, with an estimated worth of $40m as of the end of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Jeff Gross, Phelps’ 2011 roommate spoke candidly about Phelps’ knack for the game in an interview with Card Player: “Mike is easily one of the best celebrity poker players around. Overall, I’d say he treats the game seriously and loves the competition, but it’s just a hobby. Once he finishes up his career at the 2012 Olympics in London, I think you’ll be seeing him competing more in live tournaments.”

So while he hasn’t won that rumoured $100k, the story does at least sound credible, or it may do in the future.

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