Nevada Looking At Rules For Online Poker

The rules governing online poker in Nevada have been in place since December 2011. Since then, officials have been permitted to alter and modify them at their own discretion. This has been taking place in preparation of the establishment of the first American online poker site, which is expected to get up and running in October 2012. Gaming officials in Nevada have recently looked at the rules again and have made the following changes, which are somewhat different to the majority of the current online poker industry.

One of the areas in which rule changes have been made is that of player-to-player transfers. This is the process by which players conduct staking agreements or loan money to each other and has been a tradition of the online poker industry for a long time. In fact since the early 2000s, many sites have effectively encouraged players to transfer funds among themselves, thus allowing for more freedom and tactical play. However, the Nevada Gaming Commission have announced that this practice will no longer be allowed to take place on poker sites in the area. Instead, players will only be allowed to carry out transactions that conform to the site’s particular deposit or withdrawal system.

New rules have also been introduced in an attempt to prevent players from creating secondary accounts and receiving endorsement benefits. Those players who have teamed up with any online poker site in Nevada for a sponsorship agreement, will have to be fully identified when they wish to play online. Restrictions are also being tightened in order to prevent people outside of Nevada from lying about their location. There are currently strict regulations in place in Utah, where online gambling is specifically prohibited. It is hoped this will should avoid any major problems that might be caused by unauthorised access to Nevada’s poker sites from Utah, and should therefore ease the pressure on the area’s gaming officials.

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