Professional poker player, Greg Raymer, wins the 2012 Heartland Poker Tour

The former world champion – Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer – was the chipleader at the final table at the 2012 Heartland Poker Tour holding a grand total of 1,081,000 chips.

Raymer played against Steven Carruthers, Allan Hedin, Benjie Benavidez, Scott Dougherty and Robert Crawford at the final table in the competition which was held at the Route 66 Casino Hotel in Albuquerque, NM.

Carruthers was the first player to be eliminated at the final table. He hit the dust after trying to bluff Raymer off a hand and getting decimated by the result. Following his elimination, Carruthers said: “I made a big mistake that put me in a bad position.”

A total of 131 participants attended the main event, which had a buy-in of $1,500 and a $71,875 first place prize up for grabs. Raymer’s impressive chip score was closely followed by Hedin who had 985,000 chips while the remaining players had less than 700,000 chips.

It was the 200th game of the nationally syndicated tour which in the past has been won by pros including Craig Casino, John Sacha and Rob ‘veeRob’ Perelman.

The champion of the night, Raymer,  has a  particular fondness for the HPT tournament. As he cashed in his winnings at the event, he was reported as saying, “I just like the attitude and demeanor on HPT. Even if you knock someone out, they leave smiling.” But he added after his victory, “It feels so much better when you win.”

Raymer is known as one of the congenial ambassadors of the game and he received compliments for his victory from many of his final table opponents.

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