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Top Online Poker Sites Available to US Citizens

The United States of America is a big old place and, because legislation is often set at state level rather than across the country as a whole, the legality (and ease) of playing poker both online and off can differ enormously depending on where you are. We're here to make things a little clearer.

It’s hard to keep track of the legislation as it changes so often but you can guarantee that we keep up to date with what’s going on in the USA and will help you realize what you should and shouldn’t be doing in your State.

We tell you:

  • Whether or not it's technically legal to play for real money in each state
  • Where you can find land-based casinos and poker rooms
  • How to try your luck at poker online, wherever in the USA you might be

Online poker has been a great leveler in the USA, because it's enabled players who would have previously had to travel all the way to Vegas or Atlantic City to play poker to hone their skills at home instead.

The legality of playing poker for real money on the web can change as soon as you cross a state line and, even then, it's not as black and white as you might expect. If you want to make sure you're on the right side of the law, just follow the link to the state you're playing from to find out more.

Start typing to search for a state:

Read more about Alabama

With legislation in place preventing most forms of offline gambling, Alabama isn't exactly a haven for those who enjoy placing real money wagers. Follow this link to find out a little more about online gambling laws in Alabama and whether those within the state are able to play poker online.

Read more about Alaska

There aren't exactly many casinos or poker rooms to visit in Alaska but, since there's no clear legislation outlawing online poker, lots of residents have taken to honing their skills on the web. We'll tell you more about where to play online poker in Alaska and what you need to watch out for.

Read more about Arizona

Arizona's approach to gambling isn't quite as liberal as many real money gamblers would like, but it's not wildly restrictive either. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that it's not legal to play poker for real cash in commercial poker rooms in Arizona. No wonder so many residents are turning to online poker instead!

Read more about Arkansas

Once something of a gambling mecca, land-based gambling is legal in a few places here but poker isn't available in nearly enough offline venues to keep residents happy. It's perhaps not surprising that lots of real money gamblers in Arkansas are increasingly turning to the web to get their poker or casino fix.

Read more about California

As US states go, California is one of the more permissive; land-based cash poker is legal here and there are quite a few Native American casinos too. Lots of Californians also enjoy online gambling, and there's a big push to make it the fourth state to explicitly legalize the activity.

Read more about Colorado

There are over 40 land-based casinos operating in Colorado and it's also possible to gamble for real money at racetracks. Even so, it's not always possible for residents to get to one of these offline venues. That might explain why online gambling is also very popular in Colorado.

Read more about Connecticut

With just shy of 150 legal commercial poker tables in the entire state, Connecticut is not a bad place to be for real cash gamblers. And there are certainly states out there that are much more restrictive. Many residents are increasingly trying their luck at online poker instead.

Read more about Delaware

Fans of online gambling will be very happy if they're lucky enough to live in Delaware. One of the few states in which online gambling is explicitly legal, playing poker on the web is a popular pastime in the state. After all, there are only three land-based casinos for Delawareans to visit!

Read more about Florida

There are a few ways to enjoy land-based gambling in Florida including at racetracks, charitable events and on Native American soil. Still, without any commercial casinos or poker rooms, many Floridians have been left wanting. Many have turned to online poker, despite its slightly dubious legality.

Read more about Georgia

Gambling for real money, except for playing the lottery or bingo, in Georgia is far from easy. There are no commercial, or even Native American, casinos or card rooms to be found in the entire state. For poker fans, playing the game online is the only way to go even if it's not explicitly legal.

Read more about Hawaii

Those in Hawaii looking to partake in real money gambling are more or less out of luck, at least if we're talking about offline gambling that is; there are no casinos, no horse racing and no state lottery. Even though it's a bit of a gray area, most poker players turn to the internet when they want to play a few hands.

Read more about Idaho

We think the folks who came up with gambling laws in Idaho must have lost one too many hands of poker – even though some forms of gambling are legal in the state, playing poker for real money isn't. For residents desperate to play with real cash, turning to online poker is more or less the only option.

Read more about Illinois

There are several different venues at which you can gamble for real money in Illinois, including both commercial casinos and racetracks. Unfortunately, many residents are still far from a comfortable driving distance away from one of these establishments. Luckily, they can still enjoy online poker.

Read more about Indiana

With a state lottery, racetracks and lots of riverboat casinos (plus one on land for those who get seasick), Indiana is a good place to place to be if you like to gamble for real money. Still, poker fans may struggle to find a venue near them, which is why many residents stick with playing online instead.

Read more about Iowa

While there are plenty of Native American casinos and a few racetracks in the state of Iowa, poker fans might find themselves disappointed by the options they have available to them. If folks in Iowa can't find anywhere nearby to play poker, turning to one of the many sites that offer the game online is always an option.

Read more about Kansas

Tribal casinos and the state lottery aside, Kansas isn't exactly known for its real money gambling. Fortunately a recent attempt to impose penalties on online gamblers was voted down and, as a result, many Kansas residents and visitors still feel comfortable playing poker for cash on the web.

Read more about Kentucky

The home of the Kentucky Derby MUST be a haven for real money gamblers, right? Well, not so much. Residents and visitors can play the lottery and place bets, but there are no land-based casinos to visit. As a result, poker fanatics in Kentucky can usually be found at the tables on online poker sites instead.

Read more about Louisiana

With both riverboat casinos and commercial venues, plus a state lottery and legal betting on horseracing, Louisiana has plenty of action for gambling fans to enjoy. Still, with just over 50 live poker tables in commercial venues, it's not surprising that some LA residents turn to online poker instead of (or as well as) playing offline.

Read more about Maine

The state of Maine has a couple of commercial casinos, plus a state lottery and a handful of live poker tables. In other words, things could be a lot worse for residents of and visitors to Maine, but they could be better too. Plenty of residents have turned to online poker to keep their skills sharp.

Read more about Maryland

There are several real cash casinos, boasting hundreds of table games, and racetracks in Maryland so it really is a very good place to be for fans of gambling. For poker fans that don't feel like making the trip to a nearby casino, playing the game at one of the many sites offering the game online is always a possibility.

Read more about Massachusetts

No real money casinos in MA yet, although this is set to change with three commercial casinos opening in 2017 and 2018. Online gambling remains a bit of a gray area for now, though many believe it will be legalized in the state sooner than later. Online poker is still a viable option for players here.
Read more about Michigan

Great Lakes aren't the only thing that Michigan has to offer: the city of Detroit has three commercial casinos and several horseracing venues for residents and visitors to enjoy. That said, poker fans outside of Detroit may be left wanting and it's easy to understand why many turn to online poker sites.

Read more about Minnesota

No commercial casinos in Minnesota, but there are lots of Native American casinos and a surprisingly large number of real cash poker tables spread across the state. Even so, many poker players in Minnesota have supplemented their offline play or even replaced it entirely with playing games on the web.

Read more about Mississippi

With a rich gambling history, Mississippi has lots to offer real money gambling fans whether they're permanent residents or visitors. And you might be surprised to find out that it's not just about riverboat casinos! Players who can't get enough real cash action can also play poker online.

Read more about Missouri

Home to one of the largest casinos in America, the Ameristar, Missouri is home to more than 10 gambling venues in the form of riverboat casinos. Compared with many other US states, there's no shortage of live tables for poker fans to try their luck at but many in the Show Me State enjoy playing online as well.

Read more about Montana

Things could be a lot worse for real money gamblers in Montana, as it's one of few states that allows legal sports betting. The situation isn't quite so rosy for poker fans, with no commercial casinos other than those on Native American land, but playing the game online is always a possibility.

Read more about Nebraska

Whether or not activities fall foul of state gambling law in Nebraska depends on whether or not they're classed as luck or skill. Fortunately, Nebraska regards poker as falling into the latter category. Still, there are no commercial casinos except for tribal resorts so many players have turned to online poker instead.

Read more about Nevada

Well, do we even need to say it? No surprises here; the state that's home to Las Vegas is probably the best place in the country for real cash gamblers to be. Poker fans can enjoy playing the game in card rooms or try a table variant in an offline casino, but plenty of residents play online too.

Read more about New Hampshire
New Hampshire

The government's approach to gambling is actually fairly liberal in New Hampshire, with betting at the racetrack, bingo, raffles and the lottery all possibilities. Unfortunately, with no bricks and mortar casinos (either commercial or tribal) in the state, poker fans will inevitably have to look to the web to get some practice in.

Read more about New Jersey
New Jersey

New Jersey is second only to Nevada in terms of being the best place to be if you enjoy wagering real money. From casino gaming and sports betting to playing the lottery and wagering cash online, it's all explicitly legal in New Jersey. The legal status of online poker is great news for state residents or visitors who aren't able to get all the way out to Atlantic City.

Read more about New Mexico
New Mexico

New Mexico is home to a very fine selection of Native American casinos, as well as racetracks housing slot machines and so on. There are close to 50 live poker tables running at any time across New Mexico, far more than in most other US states. Online poker is still a viable alternative if you'd rather stay at home!

Read more about New York
New York

For now, most of the gambling action in New York is contained within casinos on tribal land and at racetracks. Commercial casinos will be arriving in years to come, which will no doubt bring lots more poker action to NY, but there's always online poker to tide you over until then.

Read more about North Carolina
North Carolina

With a fairly restrictive attitude towards gambling, punters in NC are limited to a couple of Native American gambling venues. Away from these establishments, even video poker is classified as illegal! If you can't put together a game with friends, online poker is probably your only option.

Read more about North Dakota
North Dakota

The state is home to a few casinos on tribal land, home to more than 25 poker tables, but North Dakota isn't exactly the ideal place for gamblers; sports betting is illegal and there are no commercial casinos at the moment.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of residents of North Dakota have turned to playing poker and other casino games online.

Read more about Ohio

With several commercial casinos and racinos, Ohio is home to more than 115 live poker tables. Plus, under state law, participating in "games of skill" is legal. A great place to be for real cash gamblers, no doubt, but plenty of players still turn to the web for even more poker action.

Read more about Oklahoma

Oklahoma contains a staggering number of tribal casinos, with in excess of 200 poker tables to visit at any time. Plus there's also the lottery, off-track betting and bingo to enjoy. Despite the dubious legal status of participating in online gambling, you'll find plenty of Oklahomans playing poker on the web.

Read more about Oregon

Despite the presence of several Native American casinos, Oregon has yet to introduce any commercial gambling venues. Regardless, Oregon is not a bad place to be for real money gamblers. Of course, if you're not in the mood to head to a tribal venue, visitors and residents can always try online poker.

Read more about Pennsylvania

With a number of casino and racino venues – but no tribal casinos – Pennsylvania is a bit of a strange beast; this is the opposite of the gambling situation in many states. There are in excess of 200 live poker tables in PA, so no shortage of places to play, but it's also possible for folks in Pennsylvania to give online poker a try.

Read more about Rhode Island
Rhode Island

Despite being one of the smaller states in the US, Rhode Island has not one but two casinos for residents and visitors to check out. Unfortunately, despite offering plenty of action to slots fanatics, there aren't many poker tables in the state. Not surprising, then, that many poker fans have turned to the web.

Read more about South Carolina
South Carolina

If you thought North Carolina was restrictive, you might want to steer clear of the even more obstructive South! No commercial casinos, not even on tribal land, or legal sports/racetrack betting means that gamblers in SC are out of luck. Despite the relative risk of playing poker online, many in South Carolina do so anyway.

Read more about South Dakota
South Dakota

Unlike with the Carolinas, the South of the Dakotas is actually more liberal towards gambling than its northern cousin. There are several commercial and tribal casinos here, with 25+ poker tables on offer at any one time. Even so, some players without a casino near them prefer to play poker online instead.

Read more about Tennessee

Not much gambling action to be had in Tennessee, unfortunately; there are no commercial or tribal casinos and no racetrack/sports betting to enjoy. Online gambling isn't explicitly illegal, but it's safe to assume that it's pretty much outlawed. Some players, however, believe that their poker habit is worth the risk!

Read more about Texas

You might think that one of the largest US states would have lots of gambling venues, but you'd be wrong. In fact, right now, it has just the one! There are some live poker tables at the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino but, unless you're close by, we'd imagine that you'll have to fire up your computer to get a poker fix.

Read more about Utah

Utah has to be one of the worst places for real money gamblers to live or visit; ALL forms of gambling, including online poker, are illegal within the state's borders. Despite this, some players deem racking up poker wins worth the risk, and will visit online card rooms to play the game they love.

Read more about Vermont

As states go, Vermont's approach towards online gambling is pretty conservative – there is a state lottery and charitable gambling is allowed, but that's about it. No land-based casinos, commercial or tribal, which means poker players will have to rely on the internet if they want to play a few hands.

Read more about Virginia

Despite having a reasonably moderate approach to gambling, there are no tribal or commercial casinos in Virginia. There's a state lottery and racetrack betting but, if you're looking to play casino games or poker for real cash, your only options are crossing the state line or playing online.

Read more about Washington

If you can't make it to Vegas, Washington might just be the next best thing! There are plenty of tribal casinos, card rooms and racetracks at which you can enjoy placing real money wagers. Those who'd rather play at home aren't so lucky, as online gambling is technically illegal, but many take the risk and play anyway.

Read more about West Virginia
West Virginia

If you're a fan of gambling for real cash, you'll probably find West Virginia much more inviting than its easterly cousin. Although Virginia isn't exactly unfriendly to gamblers per say, West Virginia has a number of casino resorts and racetracks to visit. If you're too far from one of these venues, you can always try online poker instead.

Read more about Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to a number of Native American casinos, where you can find close to 50 live poker tables. Laws regarding online gambling in Wisconsin aren't quite so liberal; the activity is illegal, but plenty of online poker players who can't make it to a nearby gambling venue take their chances online anyway.

Read more about Wyoming

With several casinos on tribal land, there are far worse places to be for real cash gamblers than Wyoming. There are no commercial casinos around though, so the options for poker fans are a little limited. Fortunately, that isn't true online, where all sorts of poker action is just a couple of clicks away for folks in Wyoming.