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Wyoming Online Poker Guide 2017

Wyoming might come last alphabetically in a list of America’s 50 states, but it’s far from last in terms of its land-based real money gambling options. There are licensed tribal casinos, you can place pari-mutuel bets on live and historical horse races, and Wyoming also offers up charitable real cash gambling and a state lottery.

Wyoming’s three tribal casinos are all located in the town of Freemont. They are licensed by form of a compact agreement with the state, which allows Native American tribes to run real money gambling establishments on their land. No commercial casinos are allowed in the Equality State.

WY’s horse racing industry has a great selection of betting activities for punters. You can place pari-mutuel wagers live at the track, and also take part in Simulcast betting on horse and dog races being held elsewhere. Another option is to bet on historical races, by using electronic terminals that you’ll find in establishments across the state. There are 17 registered live racing tracks in Wyoming and six venues that serve up Simulcast betting.

Charitable gambling in games like raffles, bingo and pull-tab is legal, providing the organization running things adheres to state guidelines on the distribution of funds. Wyoming’s state lottery was finally approved in 2013 and is committed to driving all funds raised back into the state’s economy.

Pick up vital information below, like:

  • Lawful Internet poker choices for WY players
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  • Quick online poker payment methods for WY residents

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Online Gambling Law in Wyoming

Online real cash gambling is against the law in Wyoming. We can find no direct mention of Internet gambling in WY legislation, but it is not included in the permitted gambling activities and must therefore be deemed illegal. The only states to have legalized some form of online real money gambling in the U.S. thus far are Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware

Can Players from Wyoming Play Online Poker?

Poker enthusiasts in WY should have no problem finding real cash sites that will accept their registration. Once Wyoming players have selected a poker site, set up an account and made an initial deposit, they can be playing at virtual tables in a matter of minutes.

It’s important to do your research before picking a site to play at. We would recommend that Wyoming poker players consult a respected portal for site reviews and feedback. Your online security is vital, and it’s worth comparing the bonuses on offer at different sites, along with their banking policy.

Recent Developments

The most recent gambling development in Wyoming saw the Eastern Shoshone Tribe have their compact extended through 2046. The tribe runs the Shoshone Rose Casino and is planning to spend million developing the venue over the next year or so.

The Facts

Wyoming has some good real money gambling options, but the state remains resistant to the notion of commercial casinos and is yet to make a move towards legalized online gambling.

The History of Gambling in Wyoming

Wyoming implemented a heavy crackdown on gambling in the early 1900s, outlawing all forms of it in reaction to widespread action in the century before. Accounts suggest many establishments carried on offering real cash gambling regardless, however, and flouted the law.

The next big development was the decision to allow pari-mutuel betting on horse races, which came in 1967. In 2005 tribal casinos were finally approved, with the first compacts agreed in 2006. Then, in 2013, Wyoming introduced a state lottery. In recent years Simulcast and historical betting on horse and dog races have been added to the approved list.

Regulated Gambling Options in Wyoming

The following would be classed as regulated real money gambling options in the Cowboy State:

  • Pari-mutuel betting on horse races
  • Simulcast betting on horse and dog races
  • Betting on historical horse and dog races
  • Charitable gambling
  • State lottery
  • Native American casinos

The future of Regulated Online Gambling in Wyoming

WY is yet to approve an online gambling bill and we can’t find evidence of one in process right now, so it may a little while before anything meaningful happens on the subject. Could it happen? Based on the state’s recent gambling expansion, after years of resistance, you certainly can’t rule out another big move.

The big appeal of legalizing online real cash gambling would be the potential income for state funding. If online gambling operations in NJ, NV and DE prove to be very lucrative for state coffers it could tempt a state like Wyoming to take a serious look at the option.

The Bottom Line

Wyoming has some excellent real money gambling options and may add more in the years to come if further expansion arrives. It’s anybody’s guess as to whether online gambling will make it into WY law, but the signs are good that changes in the future will only add to the real cash gambling offering in the state.


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