Every site we list is thoroughly checked by our team to make sure it:

  • Has a solid reputation
  • Receives very few customer complaints
  • Offers fast, hassle-free payouts
  • Honors advertised bonuses
  • Is independently verified by experts for fairness, safety and reliability

We anonymously play for real money on every site to assess player experience. Any sites that don’t deliver top quality player experiences will be placed onto our blacklist.

You’re guaranteed to only ever have a great experience on any of these listed sites. If you don't, just let us know and our team will work on your behalf to set things straight.


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Everything about Online Poker in New Zealand is a well-known and respected organization and we thank you for taking the time to look over our services. Our recommendations are made carefully as we have a team of dedicated experts handling important research projects and those experts take the time to figure out which real money online poker sites are best. By reading through one of our site reviews you’ll learn about the best features of that location as well as:

  • How to find maximum welcome bonuses for online poker real money gambling
  • The benefits of mobile gambling when playing poker
  • How to ensure you are safe and secure

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How We Found the Best Sites for Players in New Zealand

Finding the best real money online poker sites to play at is a time consuming process, and that’s why we’ve taken care of the work for you. If you’re trying to find a place to play, you can trust the recommendations that our team makes.

While finding the top New Zealand casinos our team looks at the following

  • Bonuses and VIP programs
  • Quality of games and services
  • The total number of players
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Customer support
  • Mobile support

Online Poker Legislation

In New Zealand, online poker is fast becoming one of the most popular card games. Whether you’re playing on a mobile, tablet or PC, poker can provide you with hours of entertainment. Play your cards right and you could also win an appealing pot of real cash.

To make the most of your wagering, playing on a top site should be a priority. Internationally renowned for their software, fair playing and high payouts, these poker rooms will certainly appeal to New Zealand bettors of every skill level.

Discover exciting variations including Razz, Badugi and Five Card Draw. Chips start out at just NZ$1 and enable you to hone in on your poker strategy. When you feel confident in your skill, be sure to take a virtual seat at one of many ongoing tournaments. If you’ve drawn the right cards and called the right bets, you could win big. Couple in enticing, practical bonus offers and you will have no regrets when you play at leading operators online. Poker in New Zealand gets even easier to access thanks to an eclectic range of instant deposit methods and fast withdrawals. Should questions or concerns arise during your play, you can always contact the 24/7 customer support team.

 It’s obvious that only certain sites can live up to these finite details. Any poker room lacking in them is simply not worth playing at. Check out our top recommendations for New Zealand friendly poker sites and join the real money action. 

Opportunities for New Zealand Players

New Zealand is known for its poker players, and there are plenty of leading players that come from the country. As a player interested in online gameplay you have a lot of excellent opportunities to go far. There are online poker rooms that offer trips to Las Vegas or Australia to play in massive events. As a dedicated Internet player you could earn your way into some of the biggest tournaments around the world by doing what you love online.

Lee Nelson is a well-known NZ poker player with more than $2 million in winnings.

There are plenty of local tournaments in Australia and Asia for New Zealand players to take advantage of, and if you’re interested in becoming a big name in the sport, you can get started on one of the many online casinos that are friendly to New Zealand players. There are many to pick from, and some of our top options regularly offer tickets to major events. Just being a resident of New Zealand makes it easier to get started with poker than living in many other countries, and all of the excellent options will offer players plenty to pick and choose from. Make the most of the options that you have, and you could be a professional before you know it.

Mobile Gaming in New Zealand

Whether you live in New Zealand or another major country around the world, mobile technology is quickly gaining in popularity. People are communicating with one another more and more with mobile devices and also using them to do things like shop and play games. It’s common for players to enjoy slot machines, video poker and even standard poker games right on the screen of a mobile device. It’s so simple to do, and most top casinos offer mobile support today.

The two mobile device types that are supported most heavily are Android and Apple devices, but BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices will also work at many leading casinos. Dedicated apps help transform real money online poker into a streamlined experience that works very well on a tablet screen. With a tablet you can easily play your favourite poker game from wherever you like, as long as there is an Internet connection available at that location. Most of our recommended sites support mobile poker, and that’s a serious benefit of playing at a well-known and reputable location.

How Online Gambling in New Zealand Has Changed

Online gambling hasn’t changed too much in New Zealand over time. It’s become more popular in the country, like most other Internet-based services have. The industry is still largely unregulated, like it was when online gambling first came out. This means that you can play a game of pokies at nearly any casino that you like, but you aren’t guaranteed a safe gambling experience by any means.

New Zealand poker players have to be smart about the websites that they choose to play at. There are many features available today, like mobile support, that wasn’t available in the past. There are also faster payment methods than ever before, allowing players to get started the same day they decide that they want to join a casino, something that was unheard of in the past where many days were needed to fund an account. As a player in New Zealand, you have a lot of options available to you. There are industry-leading casinos for you to try out, and massive poker communities that you can join up with.

Deciding on the right online casino to play poker at isn’t simple, especially when there aren’t regulations limiting your options. You can take the time to try and find the best option all on your own, but we’ve already put in the hours to track down the very best options available to New Zealand players. You could save yourself a huge amount of time by relying on one of our suggestions. This is worth consideration if you just want to start playing without doing a bunch of research first.


Online poker is quickly growing in popularity, reflecting in the number of online venues offering poker games to New Zealanders. This is partly to do with the added exposure from well known poker tournaments held at the SKYCITY Auckland Casino.

The only law that an online player really has to be aware of is the Gambling Act of 2003. This states that players can gamble online at casinos, as long as they aren’t based in New Zealand. It’s simple to follow, and makes gambling easy to do without worry. There aren’t many limitations or legislation around online gambling that anyone other than a local casino operator has to be worried about.

Most poker sites are heavily regulated, but none are regulated by New Zealand regulators. If you play at a casino, chances are good that it will be regulated by Gibraltar, the Isle of Man or another online gambling friendly location instead. Some of these regulators do an excellent job at keeping poker and gambling in general safe and fair, but not all of them. That’s why it makes sense to do research before making a final decision about where to play.

There are no tax laws to concern yourself with as a gambler in New Zealand. The country collects no taxes on online gambling winnings, which means you’re free to earn as much as you like while playing at an online casino in a different country. You can make the most of your winnings, and this makes it easier to be a professional poker player in New Zealand rather than a country like the United States where taxes are a real issue.

You can play in NZD at some online casinos, but not all of them. When deciding on a casino to play at it’s important to make sure that New Zealand Dollars are supported before making the final decision. In our reviews we list the different currencies that are supported, this makes determining the best location just a bit easier to do.

To find the best sites you have to do all the research on your own, including comparing different bonuses, checking into licensing and figuring out which casinos are fair to use and which should be avoided. Or you have to trust another organization that conducts that type of research to offer you reliable advice. If you’d like to save yourself some time picking out an online location we urge you to test out a few recommended sites first.