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Online Poker and Online Strategy – Learning the Game

On the best of days, poker is a difficult game to wrap your head around at the highest levels. There are a number of different terms and some terminology that can confuse or even push people away from online poker. Our strategy page is designed to keep you in the loop with everything related to online poker.

On our strategy page, you will find everything from bankroll management to a list of good starting hands, we’ll teach you how to spot tells of players at the table as well as how to avoid tilting and throwing it all away.

  • Learn everything from the very basics to more advanced strategy
  • Understand the safest and most trustworthy banking methods
  • How to find the best online poker sites around

Start typing to search for a guide:

Read Our Bankroll Management Strategy
Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is the method poker players use to protect their account from short term swings.

Bankroll management refers to the amount you have in your account to play with, and how much of it you are risking at any one time. Professional poker players are aware of the swings involved with poker and so manage risk accordingly.

This page reveals effective bankroll management and its importance.

Read Our Beginners Strategy Guide
Beginners Guide

When you log in for the first time, you will see a wide range of game available, and it can be very confusing for the uninitiated.

You will see different games available, Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, HORSE, Chinese and more. You will also see the options of tournaments or cash games.

This page explains how to get started.

Read Our Bluffing Strategy

Bluffing is a fundamental tool in the poker player’s arsenal.

Bluffing is the representing of hands that you do not possess. It is designed to represent strength and steal pots that you would otherwise lose. The success of bluffing depends on convincing your opponents that your hand is stronger than it really is.

This page tells you how to bluff profitably.

Read Our Bonus Strategy Guide
Bonus Guide

Poker bonuses come in various forms and can be a great way to supplement your earnings.

Bonuses come in the form no deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, signup bonuses, rakeback, freerolls and more. They can make big difference to your bottom line as a poker player.

This page tells you how to take advantage of poker bonuses.

Read Our Cash Game Strategy
Cash Game Strategy

Cash game strategy is what will turn you from a losing player into a winning player.

Cash game strategy is what will allow you to become a profitable poker player and not just a recreational player. Cash game strategy takes into account game selection, optimal starting hands, bankroll management and more.

This page includes how to choose the best tables to find weaker players, placing your opponents on a likely range and extracting value.

Read Our Freeroll Strategy
Freeroll Strategy

Playing freerolls offers an excellent way to make free money and build up a bankroll.

Many new players will hone skills by playing free tournaments, known as freerolls. They are an excellent way to build up a bankroll without risking any money. Experienced players will also take advantage of freerolls thanks to often unskilled player pools.

This page includes how to play the optimal strategy at all stages of a freeroll tournament.

Read Our Going Pro Strategy
Going Pro

Thinking of going pro? It may be harder than you think. Read this before you give up the day job.

If you’re a profitable amateur, you may be harboring dreams of quitting the 9-5 and making your living from poker. If you’re profitable, there’s no reason you can’t, but be prepared. Players transitioning to pro need around 3 months of living expenses to weather any variance.

This page shows the difficulties of becoming a professional poker player and tips on how to make the transition easier.

Read Our Hold’em Strategy
Hold’em Strategy

Before you hit the tables, you should have a fundamental understanding of the basics of poker.

The basics of hold’em strategy include knowing when to raise and knowing when to fold. The core concept here is understanding the strength of your hand in relation to your opponents hands, based on their behaviour.

This page includes tips on how to become a better player with a solid understanding of the core concepts of hold’em.

Read Our Finding the Best Poker Sites Strategy
How to Find the Best Poker Sites

You need to make sure you’re playing on decent poker sites with great games and tournaments. Here’s the inside track.

What makes a good poker site? Many things: high traffic, good rewards system, high security, a simple user interface, strong player support and a solid reputation. Most of all, you need large player pools as this ensures that you will be able to play your preferred games at any time.

This pages discusses the importance of choosing a high quality poker site and which are the best options.

Read Our How we Review Strategy
How we Review

How do we review our sites? What criteria do we use? Here we tell you.

Judging a poker site must take into account various different factors. These include size of the payer pool, the user interface, the quality of the software, security, rewards and bonuses, customer support and more. Not all poker sites are created equal, so be sure to check our reviews before signing up.

This page tells you how we review poker sites and what we look for.

Read Our MTT Strategy
MTT Strategy

MTTs are great way to make consistent profits if you can employ a winning strategy.

Multi tabling can be a great way to maximize your edge through increasing volume. MTTS allow you to capitalize on modest ROI by playing many games at once. However, a profitable strategy must be adhered to across all tournaments.

This page provides insight into the optimal MTT strategy to consistently provide an edge.

Read Our Multi tabling Strategy
Multi tabling

Multi tabling is playing many tables at once. It can apply to cash games, SNGs and tournaments.

Multi tabling is standard practice for poker professionals. Poker is a game with small profit margins, no matter how good a player may be. In order to overcome the random element inherent in poker, players must play a high volume of hands. This applies to all game types.

This page details why players multi table and why it is a good idea for many players.

Read Our Player Types Strategy
Player Types

To be successful in poker you need to know how different people play.

There are different player types in poker. Players broadly fit the following categories: tight passive, tight, aggressive, loose passive and loose aggressive.

This page explains the optimal approach and how to play against each player type.

Read Our Poker Odds Calculator Strategy
Poker Odds Calculator

Winning pots consistently depends on knowledge of pot odds

Unsure when to call or fold? Then figure out your chances of making your hand with a pots odds calculator. Enter your hole cards and community cards, and it will tell you your chances of hitting your desired hand.

This page explains how pot odds calculators work and why they’re valuable.

Read Our Poker Security Strategy
Poker Security

Poker security is major concern for professional players. How do you keep your bankroll safe?

Poker security is crucial. Reputable sites offer secure logins, secure payment solutions and will protect your details. A decent site will monitor any cheating and suspicious activity.

This page explains why the best sites are secure sites. Choose yours carefully.

Read Our Pot Odds Strategy
Pot Odds

Knowing pot odds can give you an edge over your opponents.

Pot odds are the odds of you making a certain hand by the end of the hand. Knowing the likelihood of hitting your preferred card informs you of your risk/reward. Armed with this information, you will know when to call, bet or fold.

This pages explains how to calculate pot odds.

Read Our Psychology of Poker Strategy
Psychology of Poker

Psychology of poker involves understanding how others think and being one step ahead of them.

Psychology in poker means understanding different personality types and responding accordingly. It also involves understanding your own psychology, so you can approach the tables with a clear head and ready to make the right decisions.

This pages discusses how important psychology is in poker, and how you can use it to your advantage.

Read Our Reward Schemes Strategy
Reward Schemes

Reward schemes make a big difference to a player’s bottom line. A poker site’s reward scheme is a big factor in choosing where to play.

Reward schemes consist of points earned according to the volume of hands played. Points can be converted into bonuses, cash, tournament tickets or other prizes. Poker players often rely on reward schemes to supplement their income.

This page explains the different reward schemes available.

Read Our ROI and Variance Strategy
ROI and Variance

Knowing your ROI will tell you if you’re a profitable player or not

ROI is your return on investment for a certain volume of hands played. If your ROI is positive over a large sample, you likely have an edge. For a skilled player, variance is the deviation from the expected result, or in other words, bad luck.

This page details how knowing your ROI and understanding variance can help your game.

Read Our Setting up an Account Strategy
Setting up an Account

Setting up an account is easy. Here’s how you do it.

Setting up an account requires identifying a decent site and entering your details. You can deposit by card or electronic payment transfer like PayPal or Neteller. Always look for sign up code to take advantage of any bonuses.

This page guides you through setting up an account.

Read Our Skills Strategy

What are the skills in poker? Before you become profitable you need to learn them.

Skills in poker cover understanding starting hands, identifying player styles, knowing pot odds and putting opponents on likely ranges based on their behaviour.

This pages details the various skills required to succeed in poker.

Read Our Starting Hands Strategy
Starting Hands

Knowing optimal starting hands will keep you out of trouble

Starting hands means entering a hand with strong cards. Starting hands depends on your position, as certain hands are stronger or weaker depending on when you act.

This pages explains the importance of starting hands in poker.

Read Our Poker Tells Strategy
Poker Tells

Tells are behavioral ticks that can give away the strength of a player’s hand

Tells in the live game include betting tells which involve recognising bet sizing and speed which can indicate a player’s hand strength. There are many physical tells like shaking hands, eye movement, heavy breathing, smiling, wringing of hands etc.

This page explains the various poker tells and how they can provide you with an edge.

Read Our Tilt Strategy

Tilt is extremely destructive and can erode the bankrolls of even the best players

Tilt is the process of losing, undergoing emotional stress and subsequently losing objectivity. Losing can affect the way you think and many players will enter a downward spiral of losing then trying to recoup losses in a negative mental state.

This pages explains the dangers of tilt and how to overcome it.

Read Top 5 Live Cardrooms
Top 5 Live Cardrooms

Always pick a reputable and trusted cardroom

There are a multitude of cardrooms to choose from and it can be difficult to know which ones are worth playing on. If you want good games with a great interface and a large player pool, there are only a few options available.

This page shows you which cardrooms are worth checking out and why they are popular.

Read Our Top 5 Live Poker Tournaments Strategy
Top 5 Live Poker Tournaments

If you know where to look there are some very large poker tournaments online with big prize structures. They don’t happen every day so you need to know which sites offer the best tournaments and on which days. Some offer huge rewards and some will gain you entry to live tournaments.

This pages tells you which sites offer the best online tournaments.

Read Our Top 5 Poker Pros Strategy
Top 5 Poker Pros

Want to learn more about poker? Then learn from the best.

Phil Ivey? Tom Dwan? Phil Helmuth? The best player is up for debate, but the tournament winnings don’t lie. Here are our top 5 poker players.

This page reveals the top 5 poker players.

Read Our Withdrawal Strategy Guide
Withdrawal Guide

Withdrawing cash is essential to enjoying the fruits of your hard work.

Withdrawing regularly is often a necessity if you want to pay the bills, but it’s often a good idea to build up your bankroll to play bigger games. A plan for withdrawing based on your particular goals is important.

This page discusses the best approach to withdrawing your cash.

Read Our History Strategy

You’ve probably heard that online poker is illegal. You’ve also probably heard it’s legal. There is a long and complicated history with online gambling and online poker especially in the US.

Each state has its own rules and laws and our team has examined them meticulously.

Check out our history page to see where you can legally play some online poker and find out about how things changed over the past 10 years or so.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for any kind of information that is vaguely connected to online poker, rest assured you will find that information here. We have some of the best online poker experts around who have put together all of their knowledge into one site to make life easier for you, the poker player.

Many new players come to Online Poker on a daily basis and make the transition from on-looker to novice player and then find it easy to make the switch from novice to seasoned-player. Our knowledgebase and community helps players understand the game and reach their true potential when looking to play online. Pick from our list of trustworthy casinos and start earning the best bonuses with your real money today!

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