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Online Poker Sites With Most Fish

Every online poker player starts out as a beginner (a fish), making mistakes that seasoned players (sharks) would never make. But not all fish turn into sharks, which is good news for savvy players.

When playing poker online, fish can be the smart player's bread and butter. Fish represent profits to sharks because these bad players lack good decision-making skills or can't resist making risky, or downright bad, moves. These terrible players lack the potential to improve, and constantly lose money as a result.

At we track down the biggest schools of poker fish anywhere on the net. Just make sure your shark teeth are sharp and primed!

Play at top fishy online poker sites in 2024:

  • Find the easiest cash games and tournaments
  • Exploit online poker fish who constantly make bad moves
  • Make money and trigger bonuses faster

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Why Are Fishy Online Poker Sites Good?

Why Are Fishy Online Poker Sites Good?

Playing poker on the web is all about making long-term profits. No one wants to struggle against skilled players. Too often when you play someone who is skilled you have to struggle to break even. But with fish, you can win quickly and often. That means when you’re playing poker online you want to join sites that have large schools of fish.

When playing poker online fish will speed up your path to building a massive bankroll. And if you're trying to trigger a deposit bonus, playing at online poker rooms with bad players will mean those frequent player points are just going to go up and up very quickly.

Finding Fish

Just because an online poker room is noted for having fish that doesn’t mean that every time you sit down at a cash table you’re going to find them. If you’re a shark, you have to first remember that you’re not the only one in the room. That means you have to do a little bit of research in order to locate the bad players.

Fish are players who don’t know how to play poker very well. However, they can become the smart player’s bread and butter.

Cash games are the best place to locate fish. That’s because unlike a tournament when you’re at a cash table you can stay as long as you like or leave whenever the fish are gone.

There are two basic ways to locate fish. One is to observe a table first prior to playing any hands. This allows you to evaluate each player, assess their weaknesses and strengths, and focus on the fish. Look for tables that are heavy with bad players and then sit and start playing.

The other way to find fish is to scan the listing of tables prior to sitting down and look for those cash tables that have higher than usual average pot sizes. Often this indicates that smart players are driving up the pots and the bad players are simply following along. If that’s the case, once you go to the table and before you play let a few hands pass and observe the table in order to assess exactly who the fish and the sharks are, and then start to play.

Where to Go Fishing

Where to Go Fishing

Make sure you choose the right sites and fishy online poker games when you go hunting. As far as recognizing online poker rooms that harbor a wealth of fish, there are a few defining factors for which you should look.

Big sites that advertise on television or that have sportsbooks and casinos attached will often be full of fish. These online poker players may be transferring some of their gambling funds from betting on the NHL, NBA, or NFL or from playing online craps, roulette, or blackjack just to "try out" that poker room they've seen all over the TV. This type of online poker room can be a haven for sharks.

Also, consider online poker rooms that offer large welcome bonuses. Rooms that offer these bonuses, which often have large play through amounts attached and other restrictive factors, can be repositories for fish. That’s because big bonuses often attract players who are new to the world of online poker.

Another way to locate fish is through our list of top-rated fishy online poker rooms that have been proven to attract plenty of recreational players who don't know what they're doing, and who are just dying to give you their chips. Please be sure to utilize our list, using it as a resource to boost your online poker profits. There are thousands of fish playing online who are ready to give you their cash. Take advantage of this great resource.

What to Look For In Fishy Poker Online

Online poker fish are easy to spot: they jump into games at levels they can't afford and in variations they don't understand. You'll find most fish at the Texas Hold'em tables as the game is popular and generally the first game everyone learns when they discover poker.

But poker fish aren't ready; they haven't mastered the nuances of online poker, let alone learned the lessons needed to improve.

Find the Best Poker Fish Sites in 2024

Find the Best Poker Fish Sites

If you're looking to make money playing poker online, fish are the best opponents you can face.

It's true that you may have a few bad beats occasionally but in the long term, fish can seriously donate to your bankroll.

Start your online Texas Hold'em career the best way in 2024 by seeking out top fishy online poker rooms. At we play at games of all levels across multiple sites to find the biggest fish pools. All you need to do is decide how you're going to earn all that lovely welcome bonus cash.

What Are Poker Fish?

Simply, fish are poker players who don't know how to play poker very well. Even at established sites, bad players are everywhere, losing pots and slowly going broke.

Online poker fish consistently make bad decisions pre-flop, open with too wide a range of hands, and play the wrong hands out of position.

But poker online fish needn't be aggressive. Bad players can often limp too often, call way too many hands, and persist to showdown with a hand they're beaten with.

Fish think that online poker is a game of pure luck and that bad beats are down to bad luck. But they're wrong: poker is a game of skill, control and assessing the odds correctly. And that's why online 'sharks' are happy to go on feeding frenzies and hoover up everything they can.

Top Tip: If you find poker fish, make a note of their names and do searches for them the next time you play. You'll find them again, swimming round the Internet seas being swallowed. Make sure you're one of the sharks doing the feeding.

Online Poker Sites with Most Fish FAQ

A site that has a larger base of new players who aren’t familiar with leading poker strategies or who don’t have much experience playing online is usually easiest. Often larger poker sites have plenty of fish to play against.

A fish is a beginner poker player that gives up their money easily. Playing against fish makes it easier to win consistently while playing online poker.

Often sites with lots of fish are more tailored to beginner players, but they will have larger tournaments and most of the features that an experienced player will appreciate as well.

An experienced player can play against fish and enjoy winning more consistently. It’s important to play at mid to lower betting limits because that is where the least skilled players usually are.

Online casinos with lots of fish are often good places to learn because they are easier to win at consistently. It’s important to play against skilled players as well though to master more advanced strategies as your skill progresses.

Fish are good for practicing new strategies as long as you plan to use them on fish in the future. It’s often easier to make a strategy work against newer players than it is seasoned pros because they are expected more advanced tactics.

Many different poker variations can be played, but fish focus on Texas Hold’em more than the other variants because it is the most popular poker type. It’s also possible to play against new players when playing Omaha, stud, and draw.

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