Every site we list is thoroughly checked by our team to make sure it:

  • Has a solid reputation
  • Receives very few customer complaints
  • Offers fast, hassle-free payouts
  • Honors advertised bonuses
  • Is independently verified by experts for fairness, safety and reliability

We anonymously play for real money on every site to assess player experience. Any sites that don’t deliver top quality player experiences will be placed onto our blacklist.

You’re guaranteed to only ever have a great experience on any of these listed sites. If you don't, just let us know and our team will work on your behalf to set things straight.


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South Africa’s Top Online Poker Sites for 2024

Welcome to We take real money online poker very seriously and make a living out of researching and recommending the very best sites for players to play at. These sites are some of the top available for South African players. Even if you haven’t come across our website before, it’s likely that you’ve at least heard of us.

That’s why when we list off top real money poker sites for South African players they’re worth taking note of. Take a look at our recommendations to learn:

  • Where to get the best online poker bonuses
  • Tips on how to make sure your money is kept safe and secure
  • The best places to deposit and withdraw for online poker

With a bit of research into our website you’ll quickly see that there are plenty of quality South African online poker sites to play at. You’ll have to trust some of our recommendations, but you’ll see that our options are high quality and that you can really enjoy a good bonus, mobile support and excellent playing conditions all at the same online destination.

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How We Found the Best Sites for Players in South Africa

Our team of experts is trained to look for the very best real money online poker sites for players in South Africa. If you’re an interested player you’ll come to realize that our recommendations are all worth consideration. Suggested sites offer some of the best bonuses, user interfaces and communities of players. Here’s a brief breakdown of what our team looks for in leading site recommendations.

  • Reliability
  • Secure software
  • Good bonuses
  • Local currency support

There are other characteristics that our team looks for as well, but these are most of the important ones considered. When we recommend a service it’s important to realize that you’re getting one of the best options out there.

In South Africa, online poker is one of the leading card games to wager on. Raymond Rahme and Jarred Solomon have become all too familiar amongst the worldwide gambling community, and is one example of how South Africa has become a top contender in tournaments such as the WSOP. Rest assured these pros are only playing on the top sites. See for yourself and discover a non-stop real money action.

Variations exceed the classic game of poker and have evolved into innovations like live dealer poker, Omaha Hi-Lo, and H.O.R.S.E.  Freeroll, sit and go’s and multi-table tournaments can be played every day on the leading poker sites online. South Africans can buy in as soon as a deposit as made. This can be done instantly and with ease. Play your cards right and you could win enticing amounts of cash. Withdrawing your money will be just as easy as making a deposit and clear in a short amount of time.

Software and gaming options aside, players can reap even more rewards by collecting an assortment of bonus offers. Internationally renowned poker rooms are ready to answer your questions and concerns through 24/7, multilingual customer support.  Whether you’re playing on a mobile or PC, you can wager, draw and win at the top sites.

While South Africa isn’t known for producing the highest number of professional poker players in the world, there are quite a few seasoned players that have come out of the country and any interested players could have a real future as a professional in the sport. Players have access to high quality online poker where they can take their time and hone their craft as a top player.

Ronit Chamani is a well-known professional poker that’s known for taking first place in the World Poker Tour high roller event in South Africa.

Raymond Rahme is another top-tier player that managed to reach the final table at the WSOP main event in Vegas.

South Africa is a bit farther from most large poker tournaments like the WSOP, but there are still ample opportunities for players to get started online and to make a real name for themselves before going on to be pros. There are plenty of real money options to pick from, and there are many professional players that just stick to online gameplay, doing quite well with that without ever going to the massive tournaments in person.

Mobile Poker in South Africa

Online gambling was a real revolution for all the poker and casino players. It gave them the ability to play without having to leave the house. The players could enjoy high quality gaming right in the comfort of their homes. Now South African players don’t even need a full sized computer and aren’t stuck at home playing poker. There are plenty of mobile poker apps that make moving around while playing the game possible. It’s easy to go to a café or a friend’s house and enjoy the game. Smartphone and tablet devices are both supported by all the major online poker sites. It’s easy to get started with these services, and you could be taking advantage of them in just a matter of minutes if you’re interested in doing so. Just sign up to a site and take a look at the features that are offered. More than likely you’ll find a destination that meets all of your needs, including mobile support, that you can rely on to enjoy your gambling experience. That’s a really exciting realization.

To take advantage of these unique services players can download apps or access some sites right in a web browser. It’s simple to do and many leading casinos support this type of gameplay today. While reviewing different poker rooms, we take the time to evaluate mobile support to ensure that the casino is one of the many that offers it.

How Online Gambling has Changed in South Africa

Real money online gambling in South Africa went from being a largely unregulated service with a blend of reliable and unreliable services, to a highly regulated service that the country oversees closely. There are still plenty of options to pick from, but there are fewer available in the country than there once was. Online gambling in South Africa has grown in popularity over the last decade and there are plenty of poker players that enjoy the sport online. If it’s something you’re interested in, there is plenty of opportunity to play online and to make the most of the advancements in gambling technology as well. It’s all these advancements that make the game more enjoyable to play for South African poker players, and why it’s worth it to look into the options available to you.

We found the leading online sites for South African players to use. Our extensive research marks the top sites that are both safe to use, and offer the top services available. It’s tough finding options with good bonuses that are also reliable. We’ll point you in the right direction so you know what you can trust and what you should stay away from.


Yes, online poker is one of the most popular ways to gamble. A broad range of sites welcome South Africans who are keen on taking a seat at the virtual green felt. To get started you’ll want to spend some time browsing through some of the recommended operators.

As a player in South Africa you should be aware that you can’t just play at any casino that you like. Most of the local casinos are the best to go with if they have the services that you like. If you have to go with a foreign option it’s important to be careful because they aren’t all safe to use.

South African poker sites are heavily regulated, but foreign sites aren’t all regulated the same. Some are watched over carefully and others aren’t regulated at all. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to reviews when picking out a website to rely on.

As a player in South Africa you are not expected to pay any taxes on your winnings if you have any. That means you can enjoy every single bit of your winnings and you can make the most of those large victories. This is ideal for a professional player looking to earn a lot.

It’s possible to play in Rand and many of the local casinos offer this option to players. If you are going to use a foreign casino it will be more difficult to find those that offer Rand, but even then there are plenty of options to pick from that will.

To find the very best sites you’ll have to do extensive research yourself, or trust someone else that has done the research for you. We’ve taken care of all the research and we’re saying that you can trust us and our recommendations. If you’re looking for a top poker option take a look at some of what we’ve tracked down for you.